Selemix Aqua line


Selemix Aqua line

Innovative waterborne system for industrial paint solutions

Selemix Aqua line - based on proven advanced technology - is a standalone water-based system that meets the most demanding needs of most industrial coating applications.

All the products are fully compliant with all current and planned future environmental legislation. They dramatically reduce the VOC content compared to typical solvent-based industrial coatings.

Selemix Aqua line allows you to reproduce air-drying and stoving systems, primers and topcoats in both one-pack and two-pack technologies – all from one mixing system.

By selecting the right technology you can design a paint system that will give the optimum results for durability, gloss, productivity, VOC compliance and price.

The system is based on just 14 water-based mixing tinters, which enable you to match the entire spectrum of industrial solid colours. Furthermore an aluminium toner allows you to reproduce specific metallic colours in a single layer system.

Selemix Aqua line offers a wide choice of industrial solid colors matched in three different chemical families, all of which deliver exceptional accuracy and durability.






Selemix is a registered trademark of PPG Industries Europe, SARL.