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SELEMIX® brand comprises a range of high quality concentrated colour bases and a comprehensive selection of binders.

These components combined, provide a paint system tailored to meet your exact requirements in performance, quality and cost.  Alongside traditional solvent-based products, Selemix brand has developed alternative water-based paints for all kinds of metal surfaces to comply with the EU VOC directive on the restriction of solvent emissions. Whatever you need to paint ... Selemix brand can deliver the solution that's right for the job.        


SELEMIX brand- An unbeatable selection of colours undefined

Selemix brand not only offers outstanding flexibility in its ability to paint almost any substrate, it also offers a huge range of colour combinations and superb colour accuracy.

Formulations available cover all leading international colour standards as well as many industrial and public service colour references. Each colour is specially formulated in each of the major chemical families. These individual formulations ensure first class colour accuracy whatever type of finish you want to achieve.  A range of sophisticated colour tools like Spectrophotometer, high quality colour identifications swatches, a chromatic chipped colour box and an on-line colour service support Selemix brand.  


SELEMIX brand– A comprehensive range of services

Technical assistance, professional training courses, on-line colour service and a call center are available in all local facilities to give you complete support and advice in choosing the best paint cycle.   Selemix brand is your main local partner.    


Selemix is a registered trademark of PPG Industries Europe, SARL